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Commonly known as warts, verrucas are quite different to corns. They show as a small lumpy growth in the skin, often with little dark flecks or dots on the surface. They may occur singly or in groups. They are caused by a virus (human papilloma virus) that infects the skin, most commonly the hands and feet. The viral infection may well have been picked up from another infected person, e.g. in a changing room. The virus gets into the skin and affects its structure, causing a lump of infected tissue. The tiny dark dots or flecks sometimes visible are small blood vessels showing on the abnormal skin surface. Because of their more complicated nature, there is no instant cure. Treatment is aimed at destroying the virus, either by freezing the wart using a small pen-like probe (cryosurgery), or by applying an over-the-counter preparation to the surface and dissolving it away over time. Warts are often resistant to treatment and it can take a lot of time and persistence to treat them successfully.

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