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Hard skin builds up often round the heel, under the forefoot, or on the tips of the toes, and can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort. It is caused simply by pressure and friction as the foot moves.

The foot muscles contract and extend as we move. As we take a step forwards , weight goes on to the forefoot, and the foot slightly elongates. There are also slight side to side and rotational movements. All these result in friction between the foot and the footwear, especially over bony prominences. The body ‘s natural reaction to friction and pressure on a particular spot is to protect it by generating extra layers of skin. Hard skin can build up quite quickly perhaps due to a slight alteration in how we walk, or a temporary change in our normal activities. Treatment involves carefully paring away the hard skin and if necessary applying a dressing or padding to offload pressure.

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We cover the following areas for HARD SKIN (CALLUS) TREATMENT South Bristol

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